Atelier Kurth – Recycled ATV

As Apple launched its redesigned Apple TV, many users are wondering what to do with their first generation model. Daniel Kurth, designer of the Nixie Concrete Clock, ( came up with the idea of recycling its body to build the ATV 1 Nixie Clock.
Kurth has reused every structural element, integrated a nixie controller board, tube holders and replaced the top acrylic plate with a new CNC routed PVC plate where the Nixie Z560M tubes come out. The heavy duty tissue cable doubles as power cord and wall mount string. Similar to the Nixie Concrete Clock, the rearranged tubes allow the user to enjoy the playful interaction between the six tubes.
All electronic components in the fully functioning clock are assembled by hand.
Kurth will provide the CNC shapes (for the tube holders and cover plate) for free on request.
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